Wednesday, March 25, 2009


This last time, Mojo blocked quickly, and, even though his treatment began within a few hours of noticing the problem, it had already begun to affect his kidneys. Fortunately, a catheter was inserted, the blockage cleared and the urine drained, and he began to recover. On the advice of Dr. Ambrose, it was recommended that Mojo be placed in the intensive care unit, with 24-hour observation, in case his catheter blocked, or he needed other treatment. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford this, and decided to leave him in the regular hospital overnight, where he would be alone until morning. Unfortunately, as Dr. Ambrose warned, his catheter kinked and blocked, his condition worsened, and he required further treatment. Imagine my guilt in denying Mojo the care he needed simply because I couldn't afford the extra fees for the Intensive Care.

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